Speed. Efficiency. Higher quality. Lower costs. These are the key benchmarks by which enterprise IT has been measured since the earliest days of its existence. These outcomes have always been achieved by some combination of man and machine, but with advances in cloud and digital technology, the balance is shifting… Continue Reading Opinion Five questions to ask before considering robotic process automation

Automation often replaces human labor, but very rarely in the last sixty years has it eliminated an entire occupation. Only one of the 270 detailed occupations listed in the 1950 US Census has since been eliminated by automation, according to a working paper by Harvard economist James Bessen. The one… Continue Reading Over the last 60 years, automation has totally eliminated just one US occupation

Work going on at companies like Amazon, Uber and Google has sparked fears that the rise in automation and drones could kill off thousands of jobs for taxi drivers, delivery workers and cashiers. The issue is gaining more attention these days because of the development of potentially disruptive tech like… Continue Reading Amazon: Automation doesn’t have to kill jobs

Automakers and suppliers gave widely differing timelines for the introduction of self-driving vehicles on Thursday, showing the uncertainties surrounding the technology as well as a split between cautious established players and bullish new entrants. Chipmaker Nvidia, facing direct competition with the world’s top chipmaker after Intel’s $15 billion deal to… Continue Reading Auto industry diverges on timeline for self-driving cars

The use of algorithms is spreading as massive amounts of data are being created, captured and analyzed by businesses and governments. Some are calling this the Age of Algorithms and predicting that the future of algorithms is tied to machine learning and deep learning that will get better and better… Continue Reading Experts on the Pros and Cons of Algorithms | Pew Research Center

It’s something that many of us have experienced while driving, though we may not like to admit it. It’s called a microsleep, a brief state of drowsy unconsciousness that can happen even if your eyes remain open. Drowsy driving kills. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy […]… Continue Reading Sleepy Behind the Wheel? Some Cars Can Tell

Legions of robots now carry out our instructions unreflectively. How do we ensure that these creatures, regardless of whether they’re built from clay or silicon, always work in our best interests? Should we teach them to think for themselves? And if so, how are we to teach them right from… Continue Reading Teaching robots right from wrong

Insightful article highlights some of the nuances of automation on the job market such as changes in the nature (but not necessarily availability) of work. When Café X opened a few weeks ago in San Francisco selling coffee made by a resident robot, baristas were highlighted in a list of… Continue Reading Wide range of jobs will be impacted by automation

Interesting article on the potential impact of automation on the fast food industry. Food service relies heavily on predictable, repetitive tasks that are already possible to automate. A recent McKinsey analysis of 800 occupations found “accommodation and food service” to contain the highest percentage of tasks—73%—that could be completed using… Continue Reading Replacing humans with robots in the food services industry

When a self-driving car gets in an accident, who is liable for the damage or injuries? The question is at the heart of a number of debates going on in the industry right now. […] The American Association for Justice (AAJ) argues that blanket immunity proposals are a bad idea.… Continue Reading AAJ Argues Against Legal Immunity for Self-Driving Car Companies