Lawmakers in Massachusetts are trying to prevent the rise of so-called “zombie cars” Massachusetts lawmakers are proposing a tax on self-driving vehicles they say could prevent the rise of “zombie cars.” Introduced in late January, the twin bills would tax self-driving cars based on their mileage and allow large municipalities… Continue Reading Preventing the rise of ‘zombie cars’

Good article on automation trends and their impact on various careers.   Experts say the technological upheaval that’s rocked industrial manufacturing for decades is set for rapid expansion into white-collar roles — in fact, it’s already begun in some sectors. The concern is that if people aren’t prepared to adapt… Continue Reading Automation set to disrupt white-collar job market

Fully autonomous vehicles are an impressive technological achievement. The question remains: will automobile consumers purchase cars that they cannot drive? A bold move by Ford. Ford will venture to take humans fully out of the loop of its self-driving car models, while other companies’ models will require some driver involvement. There’s… Continue Reading Ford to pursue fully autonomous cars